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The Best Winter Plants for Color and Warmth

Photo by Julia Kuzenkov from Pexels

What are some winter plants that are great for decorating your home during those cold, dreary winter months? You have a lot to choose from, but here are a few of my favorites.

#1: Bromeliads

This is a great plant for adding a bit of color and warmth to your home. Bromeliads don’t require a lot of sunlight or water, meaning they thrive in the wintertime. You still need to keep it warm enough that it doesn’t die, but assuming you have central heating and cooling that shouldn’t be an issue.

Bromeliads are great because they come in several different colors. You can find them in pink, purple, orange, yellow and red. These do a great job of contrasting the usual dark colors like gray that we think of during the winter.

#2: Zebra Plants

This is a tropical plant so it needs a lot of humidity. They tend to do well in bathrooms which are naturally more humid than the rest of the house.

Zebra plants are always green with white or yellow stripes- hence the name. The contrast is what makes this plant so beautiful. They aren’t dull colors. They really pop against the dark green leaves, making it a beautiful way to add color and warmth to your home during the cold, dark winter.

#3: Peace Lilies

These plants are popular because they’re easy to care for and improve the air quality of your home. They always have green leaves and white flowers, so they aren’t the most colorful plants. But the green is always a welcome color in your home during the winter, and the white flower works well with most winter decor. After all, you can’t really go wrong with white.

One thing to keep in mind is that peace lilies don’t need much water. If you’re watering it every single week, that’s probably a bit excessive. Instead just check it once a week and add water if it’s dry.

#4: ZZ Plant

This plant is often touted as the easiest to keep alive. While it doesn’t have some of the bright and beautiful colors as others (such as bromeliads,) it does great in low-light conditions. Do you have a room in the house that gets very little sunlight? For example, maybe you have some rooms in the basement with no windows, or you have tall trees on one side of the house. Those are perfect places to place a ZZ Plant.

#5: Clivia

Do you have a room that gets a bit chilly? Maybe you have a covered porch, sunroom or just keep your basement chilly. These are great places to keep a clivia. Clivia plants like to have the air get a little chilly, as that’s when their flowers bloom. Their flowers are usually yellow or orange and go a long way to adding some warmth to your home.

There are plenty of other great winter plants for color and warmth to consider. Christmas cacti are beautiful, succulents add a nice desert-feel to your home, and snake plants are super easy to maintain. If you’d like more personalized advice on how to decorate your home this winter, click here to contact the experts at Interior Affairs today!


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