Top Reasons You Know It’s Time to Redecorate

It is the home decor version of new-car fever.

It starts quietly: maybe you walk into a room and just feel like it is beginning to look old and tired.

Your wheels start turning. Slowly at first, but then you come to the conclusion that you absolutely must change the decor in your kitchen, your living room, your bedroom, or your master bath. But where to start?

Our interior design team at Interior Affairs recommends a room re-do every 7 years. Why? Decorating and color trends are constantly changing, and your home is your resting place, so it needs to reflect your personality and the changing trends. Our team provides you with a customized path forward for your room redecorating plans.

If you’ve been channel surfing and stuck on HGTV, maybe you are ready for a room or house re-do. What are some of the signs that point to a new look?

I’m Bored:

The walls are the same color they have been forever. It is a fact of life that colors go in and out of favor. It may be maddening, but you will find that the off-white wall that seemed so right ten years ago now seems very boring. Time to think about new colors and new opportunities to update your space.

I’ve Changed:

Life happens. Think about the decor in a child’s room. You might be happy to paint the walls a bright turquoise, and put iridescent stars on the ceiling, but times change and your teenager just isn’t into the younger look, so time to think about a more mature update.

Life Has Changed:

Maybe it is not just your tastes, or your kids growing up, but lifestyle can change the needs of the interior design of your home. Are you new empty nesters? Maybe it is time for a child’s former bedroom to become a home office, craft room or workout room. If so, you’ll want a new look and furnishings to complement the change.

Here are a few examples of how our design team at Interior Affairs completely changed the look and feel of a room. First of all, a living room that, while pretty, felt a bit outdated to the homeowner.

The picture over the mantle, the draperies, and the mantle itself was dating the look of the room. So we decided to bring in some warmth, drama and texture.

The drapes are in generally the same shape, but the new fabrics and trim give it an elegant feel. The painting over the mantle draws the eye to the new warm colors in the room. The furniture placement is similar, but the new warm wood of the coffee table anchors the area, and the pillows on the soft add luxury to the room. The new wooden mantle pulls everything together, and the mirrored piece on the wall brings the outdoor light inside.

This kitchen was very dated before our design team went to work on it. Before it had been a catch-all space, which was functional, but didn’t add to the beauty of the kitchen.

The biggest change was the addition of lighting in the upper cabinets, to draw your eye upward and make the room feel bigger. The contrast between the dark hardwoods and the light furniture works beautifully together, as well as an updated light fixture.

This was a functional, but not beautiful bathroom. Definitely in need of an update.

There were a number of things that happened in this transformation. The bathtub was updated, and a new glass shower window was installed, giving the room a bigger feel. Tile was artfully designed to draw your eye to the back of the shower, with diamond and rectangle patterns in a warm, neutral color. A double sink was also added, pulling in the colors of the tile and the huge over-the-sink mirror continues to expand the space.

Get Expert Advice:

Our design team at Interior Affairs knows how to bring your wants and desires to life in your home. Maybe you’ve become much more of an entertaining family, and need a new space (either inside or out) to reflect that. Maybe you have an older relative moving in and need to provide a restful spot for them. It may be that you walk into your rooms and just don’t feel the energy you once did. We can help you find ways to update and refresh your home’s interior so it is classic, beautiful, luxurious and comfortable. It will be a place you will love walking into as“Home Sweet Home!”


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