Transforming Your Master Retreat

Any real estate professional will tell you that two of the most important rooms in any house are the kitchen and the master bedroom. A great master suite and kitchen can truly sell a home and while you might be planning to live in your home forever, these are rooms that should never fail to inspire you.

The master bedroom, for instance, should be a sumptuous retreat where you can throw away the cares of the day, just relax and rejuvenate the spirit. If your master suite is simply a bedroom and not an inviting haven, it’s time to contact a professional designer and transform this important space.

During your initial design consultation, you will want to share a great deal of information with the designer. Share some photographs of rooms that you love so that your designer understands your personality. Be sure to share information about any changes you wish to make to the room, ensuite bathroom or even the closet. If the first visit is at your home, the designer will take a few photographs and measurements of the space.

There are many pieces of the design puzzle that must fit together. Color is a huge element for the master suite, and while you might love bright, bold colors, typically it’s best to consider calming hues. For instance, if you love yellow, think about a soft honey or butter color rather than a brighter shade. If you love purple, consider opting for a more muted lavender. Certainly a few pops of bold colors can invigorate a room, but it’s best to keep the walls a bit more neutral.

Choosing furnishings, bedding and accessories are a big part of the fun, and your designer will know where to find the best deals on everything you need. The designer can create custom headboards, custom drapery and even custom rugs for your special master suite to truly make this space one of a kind.

Once you’ve had your master suite transformed into a perfect little piece of paradise, you might want to make a few more changes to your home, and the design team at Interior Affairs can help you with transforming every step of the way. We can ensure that the design of each room of your home flows seamlessly into the next and that your house truly fulfills your needs and dreams.