Trend Alert: Barn Doors

Your barn door is open.

No, you’re not letting someone know their zipper is down. You’re simply remarking on one of today’s hottest design trends.

“From trendy bathrooms to hidden home offices, barn doors provide an ultra-stylish solution for cramped spaces,” said Bob Vila.

But while barn doors may have once been used almost exclusively in small spaces that couldn’t accommodate a swinging door, that is not the case today. Nor are barn doors strictly limited to the rustic/reclaimed look that once defined the feature.

“Barn doors are definitely trending right now, and there are so many ways to introduce them into a space. The finish of the doors can easily take them from the farm to an urban loft—and the actual doors are just half of the allure,” said Popsugar.

“With all of the gorgeous hardware options available, it’s almost like choosing a piece of jewelry or a handbag. Depending on how utilitarian you’d like the finished product to be, you could choose anything from sleek chrome to chunky iron. I pulled together a range of inspiring photos that will spark ideas for how you might be able to pull this look off in your home.

The great advantage of adding a barn door to your home: design trends come and go, but those that are pretty and functional tend to stick around awhile.

Check out these great options for adding a barn door to your home.

Who says barn doors have to be rustic?

But when they are rustic, they add a distinctive touch to any space.

Use a unique barn door to tuck away your washer and dryer and make a private laundry room possible.

It’s indoor-outdoor living in an instant with barn doors used in place of traditional sliding glass doors.

But if you’re fond of glass, monogram a sheet for use in an elegant master bath.