Design Tip #3: Create Sophisticated Elegance with Upholstered Headboards

Design Series 1, Tip 3: Create Sophisticated Elegance with Upholstered Headboards

Creating cheerful morning routines and designing comfortable furniture is just a couple of the tips we’ve discussed in our previous blog posts! Today we are shifting rooms and talking about how we can heighten the sophistication and elegance in the bedroom.


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Upholstered headboards bring in a

Sophisticated elegance to the guest room.


One of the best ways to bring elegance to any guest bedroom or even your own master bedroom is to include a beautifully detailed upholstered headboard! Because the bed tends to be the focal point in these rooms, having an exquisitely crafted headboard will add sophistication in the way you sleep and create a functional use.

Have you ever leaned up against a headboard that wasn’t upholstered? If you have, more than likely, you have tried to lean against it to read or watch television. It is not very comfortable, is it? When you go with an upholstered headboard you create luxury for yourself and your guest by adding extra cushion and softness when you add fabric and padding that allows your back to rest comfortably.

Time and time again, we have mentioned: choose fabrics and colors that will work with your way of living. Adding texture and color to your headboard will enhance your guest bedroom. Think of all the wonderful ways you can design it!

While there are no rules of what materials you should use or what shape and size you should pick when designing your headboard, as long as you are safe, you are fine.

When in doubt, opt for a custom piece. You’ll have the ability to make choices on fabric, construction, size, and shape! But as we have discussed in the previous posts, it should be functional, comfortable, and stylish.

To help make the design process easier and help with all technical information please contact Vickie Daeley and her design team at Interior Affairs! They will design a headboard that will make you and your guests say, wow! Please call (714)970-8000 or (949)640-5000 to schedule a consultation or an appointment and make sure to follow Interior Affairs on social media for tips, advice, and much more. You can also check out our website at