When To Reupholster Your Furniture

unspecifiedWhen choosing to update your home, one main area that makes a big impact in the overall style is furniture. If a room feels outdated or lacking in style, many homeowners start thinking about replacing old pieces of furniture. This can definitely make a huge impact and bring life back into a space. However, if you’re feeling like it’s time to ditch your furniture for some new pieces there are things you should consider before tossing a good, solid piece of furniture. While replacing your furniture may be the right choice, there are other options like reupholstery or cleaning. How should you decide which option is right for you?

Quality of a piece is the main consideration you should make when deciding if you should replace your piece of furniture. Sometimes it can be difficult to know whether or not a piece is high quality enough to stand the test of time, as the determining factors are usually hidden underneath the upholstery. A high quality piece will typically be made out of solid oak or maple and be very sturdy and reinforced with dowels. Lower end items will tend to use lower quality woods like pine or fur and often utilize plastic and cardboard to keep costs low. A well-built piece can last 20 years or more, while a low-end one may only last 1-3 years. If your piece is well made and you decide to keep it and work with what you already have, you need to figure out if it needs to be reupholstered or just needs a good, professional cleaning.

Badallion_Camelot Sofa_2

If a piece of furniture can be cleaned, that is definitely a good way to go as it will be the most cost effective. The downside to cleaning is that typically a company will not guarantee the final product, meaning that not all pieces can be cleaned to your satisfaction. If a piece is too heavily soiled, cleaning may not be enough and you may want to consider reupholstering. Also, if a piece is antique, sometimes they can’t even be cleaned as the fabric is older and may break down upon cleaning. If you think the furniture piece is too far gone and cleaning will not solve the problem, then you may need to reupholster it.

Changing the upholstery on a piece of furniture can be a great option but there are things to consider before taking the plunge.  Many people think that reupholstery will be a cheaper option than buying all new furniture but that’s not always the case. Not only will a good upholstery job cost you anywhere from $700-$1200 for a small two cushion sofa, but you need to buy fabric on top of that. A high quality, durable fabric suited for upholstery can be $50 per yard or more. A good upholstery job will cost about the same, if not more than a brand new piece of furniture.

If you are thinking upholstery may be the right choice but are still unsure, there are a few factors that can be the deciding factor. You should reupholster if:

  1. It is a really well made piece of furniture.

If the piece you are considering having reupholstered is a high quality piece and replacing the fabric will extend the life of the piece, it is worth it to reupholster. If the actual frame is low quality and beginning to break down, then it doesn’t make sense to reupholster as that will not fix the root of the problem, but merely put a quick fix “band aid” over it.


  1. You just want an update.

If the overall condition of a piece is great, but you no longer like the style of fabric, then it might be a good idea to reupholster it. As long as you like the overall shape, size, and lines of a piece, then sometimes changing out the fabric can be all you need to bring a piece up to date and make it work for you again.


  1. When it has sentimental value.

If you have a piece of furniture that you inherited and has sentimental value, it is not always an option to get rid of it to start fresh. If you don’t necessarily love the look of a sentimental piece but definitely want to keep it, then reupholstering can be a great option! This is a great way to take a piece that means something to you and make it your own. Choosing to reupholster will bring the piece up to date, make it your style, and fit the feel of your home. You’ll probably love it even more after it’s done!


If you have a piece you’re considering getting reupholstered, consider making an appointment for our upholstery event! It will be held on Wednesday April 27th from 10am-7pm in our studio in Anaheim Hills by appointment only. You can call us to set up an appointment at 714-970-8000. All you need to do is take measurements of the pieces you’d like to get reupholstered and bring photos. During your one hour appointment, you will work one-on-one with one of our designers to choose from over 200 fabrics to reupholster your piece. During our event, we will also be offering 20% off of regular retail so this is a great opportunity to take advantage of the sale to get the best deal possible! We will also have new furniture options to choose from as well, if you think that using your existing furniture will not work for you. There will be 30 different new pieces to choose from and we have options including sofas, ottomans, dining chairs, barstools and accent chairs. Please join us and let us help you make your home exactly how you want it.