Yorba Linda 1


unspecified  This client came to us with a builder grade master bathroom.  They had lived with it for many years but needed some additions and new things that they knew would be best to consult a professional about.  After meeting with them to determine their needs for both style and function, the design selections were in full swing.  They wanted something traditional that would work with the rest of their home but they also wanted updated elements that would be classic and timeless, not something they would have to change in a few years.

A warm neutral color palate was selected, with rich wood tones a creamy travertine and beautiful granite to compliment.  The client had very specific needs and the design was done to suit.  The custom cabinetry was carefully considered.  Balancing the need for different height cabinets they created balance in the custom vanity unit.  Customized pullouts concealed items to make them function better and be more easily accessed for our clients.  Storage of certain items in the bathroom was necessary, and needed to be well thought out.  A custom medicine cabinet was designed as well as a pull out laundry hamper, with mouldings and details to flow with the other cabinets seamlessly.

Lighting was another big issue in this bathroom and our client had specific needs and wants.  We installed lighting in the base of the cabinets to give both an ambient lighting effect as well as give them soft lighting to see at night without being blinded by the bright lights most bathrooms have. Lighting control and dimmers were standard in their new space. Natural light was also important to them.  They wanted a large window over the tub but also needed privacy and didn’t want to deal with shutters or blinds.  We designed a custom glass treatment to coordinate with the pattern of the fabric that our client loved.  Using this type of treatment allowed the light to shine in while adding a unique focal point.  Vanity lighting as well as a coordinating chandelier were placed in the room as well as recessed lighting for many different needs and options.

The tile and stone selections and layout were also very important in this space.  The client had lived with carpeting in the majority of the bathroom for a long time and wanted something beautiful yet simple.  A warm creamy travertine was selected for the flooring to coordinate with the rich granite.  The travertine was carried into the shower as well.  The layout of the shower needed to accommodate the client’s physical needs.  A large bench seat was added as well as specially placed grab bars selected to coordinate with the new shower fixtures.  A darker stone was also pulled in to coordinate with the deep dark veins running through the granite as well as accent the rich wood tones.  A custom medallion was made as a focal point to mirror the same design as the custom window over the tub.  Each element was designed with our client in mind, for both their function and style. When the job was complete the client was so happy with the result that they continued to work on projects throughout their home.