Yorba Linda 2

This client loved their home but it wasn’t working in the way that they needed it to any longer.  With some additions necessary in their bathroom they decided it would be best to just completely rethink the design and really do it the way they have always wanted.  Not only did they need the function of their bathroom to change but they also wanted it to be updated and look beautiful.  Remodeling this bathroom would be quite an undertaking and they knew it was best to get some professional advice and expertise.

Going through the client’s needs and wants, careful attention was paid to the function of the bathroom.  Custom cabinetry with specialty details was first on the list.  Needing a designated area for extra storage was important.  A cabinet was created with space for towels and linens, not to mention extra space for pet food and other miscellaneous items.  The design flowed seamlessly with the rest of the cabinetry and even included some extra counter space. Cabinet lighting in the toe kick space on the cabinets was added for safely maneuvering the bathroom at night and was a design detail our clients were excited to show their guests.

The bathroom originally had a bathtub but it wasn’t working for our clients any longer.  They wanted a larger walk in shower with a seat and grab bars for safety and comfort.  Warm rich tones were selected for the tile and finishes in this bathroom and it really made an impact.  A warm colored granite was selected for the expansive countertops and added splashes of rich color.  The tile design in the shower was simple and elegant and complimented the granite beautifully. A seamless glass shower door brought the natural light in from the large window and door.  The door and window also had new touches; specialty glass ensured privacy but allowed the light to softly shine into the space.  A warm neutral color was used for the walls and flowed with the rest of the home.

Our client was so happy with the final result in this bathroom they decided to pursue other projects in their home.  Making their home something functional and beautiful again really helped them to remember how much they loved their home.  They really felt that this was a great experience and time and money well spent!